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Aviv Moshe

Creative, modern cuisine, in the comfort of your home.

My culinary experience began as a child, in my mother and aunt's kitchens. I was always helping them with traditional dishes and sweets. We often visited the local market, where I was able to explore local ingredients, spices, and flavours.​ This is where I connected with my Egyptian roots and fell in love with Mediterranean cuisine. I started my career at one of the top restaurants in Tel Aviv, working under Head Chef Segev Moshe, where I had the opportunity to explore and learn different cuisine styles and techniques. Soon after, I got married and decided to move back to Canada, settling in Toronto. Over the past few years, I’ve worked in a variety of restaurants, including Cluny Bistro, one of the finest French-Canadian restaurants and played a major part in the opening of a Mediterranean restaurant by O&B. Today, I work closely with my clients to bring them a personal culinary experience for any occasion.



Enjoy outstanding food and service at your next dinner, birthday, anniversary, private party or special occasion. From intimate weddings to romantic dinners, let us turn your celebration into an unforgettable culinary experience. With over 15 years of experience chef Aviv always works with fresh & seasonal ingredients combining classic Mediterranean dishes with modern flavors of the regions. Chef Aviv works closely with his clients on bringing them a personal culinary adventure and to create a unique experience for their special event.

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