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Ankit Bhasin

Food is the only constant in my life and every meal I cook has a story to tell.

It's been a crazy journey since I moved to Canada in 2018, but my love for food started when I was a kid in Mumbai. I dreamed of becoming a chef, and studied Culinary Arts at George Brown College. I worked at various restaurants to absorb as much knowledge as possible, learning many different cuisines. My "A-ha!" moment was when I was working at an Italian restaurant. One night, the Italian owner/chef was making his delicious Tomato Passata when the Sri Lankan Sous Chef incorporated his favourite spices and turned the Italian tomato sauce into a curry based sauce, creating a decadent bowl of curry pasta. That day changed how I looked at food. My hunger to learn then took me to the Thompson Hotel, where I learned all about Brunch and Dinner fixtures. After that, I found my home for the next 2 years at Marben, where I learned about fermentation and sustainability. Then, the pandemic changed everything and, like everyone around me, I had to change the way I work. I became a Private Chef to some of the nicest and most successful people in Toronto. I have now worked for many high-profile clients in politics, real estate and more. Let me cook for you, and read you a chapter from my life, in the form of a delicious meal.

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Two-course custom menu with your choice of entrée and side, using the best Canadian-sourced ingredients and seasonal imported produce to curate the perfect menu for your evening.


Experience the best earth and ocean have to offer. Using only the finest ingredients from truffles to caviar, with Japanese or Australian wagyu as one of my standard courses.


The best from coast to coast, this menu will be exclusively tailored to your needs. From truffles to sturgeon caviar, Wagyu steaks from Miyazaki prefecture in Japan, aged ferments, and smoked volcanic salt. This dinner is one for the books, made for the finest taste buds and using only the highest of quality ingredients.

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